Ecological and sustainability policies

Calzificio Fap has been committed for years to a series of policies and procedures aimed at mitigating the ecological impact of its activity and promoting the planet’s energy sustainability.


In November 2020, Calzificio Fap underwent an energy diagnosis referring to the year 2019, through which it analyzed its use of energy and monitored it, determining how to reduce the use of energy.


With the new tailoring department in action since the second half of 2019, Calzificio Fap has recovered 100% of the steam from the ironing, which will be condensed in a special tank and sent “hot” back to the boiler to return to steam and be reused: it is a closed loop. Until the situation in 2018, the condensate was “discarded” and discharged into the purifier. So:


  • Energy saving because hot water is used to make steam.
  • Energy saving because the water has already been osmotic and is recycled without having to osmotize the other (we have the plant to osmotize the water)
  • Saving of water because it is always the same that runs.

Calzificio Fap implements and promotes the use of LED lights throughout its work area, the reuse of heat and water deriving from production processes for heating, the recovery of boiler fumes.


Calzificio Fap uses a large part of energy from renewable sources, such as from the photovoltaic system installed in 2011 which allows a saving of 105,000 KG of CO2 per year.


Since 2015, a substantial hand has been put into the production of compressed air by monitoring before and after the replacement of the machines. The monitoring of the compressors is still in continuous service, furthermore the continuous monitoring of the delivery booth, the purification booth and switchboard, the general weaving expansion switchboard was added later; by dividing the main loads of the machines and service systems and with this logic the company is inserting continuous measurement instruments every time an expansion or extraordinary maintenance is carried out on the distribution boards according to the intention of monitoring all consumption and get complete monitoring of company energy costs.


Calzificio Fap implements and promotes the differentiated collection of solid waste (Paper, cardboard, plastic, yarn waste) which it gives to specialized companies authorized in the sector, so that they can be reused or recycled.


Calzificio Fap implements and promotes the differentiated collection of special waste (Toner, residual oils, containers of chemical materials) which it gives to specialized and authorized companies in the sector.


Calzificio Fap is attentive to the problems arising from the use of chemical materials and their dispersion in water. For this reason, it is registered and active in the ZDHC platform and the BEPI platform.


Calzificio Fap is analyzed for waste water twice a year, to verify that it is constantly within the parameters set by the MRLS list of chemical substances. Calzificio Fap uses two biological purifiers for activated sludge.


Starting from 2019, Calzificio FAP is monitored in terms of waste water by an authorized external company, which then proceeds to upload the results to the ZDHC platform.


Calzificio Fap archives the safety data sheets of all chemical materials and only uses chemical materials that have a safety data sheet. This safety data sheet and the inventory list of used chemicals is uploaded to the ZDHC platform.


The intention is to arrive at the Zero discharge.


Calzificio Fap has obtained Oekotex Standard 100 certification and uses products from suppliers that document compliance with the REACH regulation.


Calzificio FAP has obtained the authorization from the responsible body (AUA) for emissions into the air, for the use of water, for the discharge of water. This authorization is valid.


Calzificio FAP promotes the use of ecological and recycled yarns. For this reason it obtained the GRS (Global Recycled standard) Certification in 2018.


Calzificio Fap promotes the use of vegetable oils to replace mineral ones.


Calzificio Fap promotes and supports the entire production cycle on site, without the need for relocations which would require a considerable use of wheeled vehicles. This allows a substantial reduction in the impact of pollution caused by means of transport and therefore allows for greater sustainability of the system.


In the past year, Calzificio Fap has implemented two important projects for saving the use of water and for its optimization which are now operational and also allow for substantial energy savings.


The management of Calzificio Fap implements a strategy for respect for the environment, and has as its objective for 2022 an energy saving of around 5% compared to the previous year, with the decrease