The knitting department

Fap is a full cycle production factory offering a complete made in house service. 700 circular knitting machines of the latest generation (LONATI, MATEC and SANTONI) allow Fap to realize products of various types, technical, vanise’, fashion microfibre 3D and stretch


Fap’s capacity is over 120 million pairs of hosiery per annum.

The seamless-knitting

Since 2002, with the introduction of the commercial brand “Bellissima“, FAP has faced a new challenge: the production and distribution of seamless articles, both underwear and outwear. The production capacity is 400,000 pieces per month.


The collections include complete lines for men, women, and children, with perfect fit and pleasant softness of the fabrics. In addition to the strictly basic items, the extremely wide production range allows for unique creations, resulting in fashionable outwear garments, with placed or overall patterns enriched by the typical modelling touch of knitwear.

The sewing department

The sewing department is provided with robotic machines of the latest generation, an automatic shift ESOX SOLIS and Santoni, which allows the assembling of tights with and without gusset, with positioning and toe sewing ensuring a cost saving, particularly on the larger production articles.

The dyehouse

This is a modern and robotic department and it avails itself of an advanced chemical lab for the receipts and control of the colours and fastness, and of a biological depurator.

The production capacity for the basic tights is of 400.000 pairs each day, using automatic machines for coloring and weighing.

This department is also provided with tumbler and rotary machines to dye the seamless, the heavy tights, the acrylic and cotton tights.

The Packaging Department

This department is provided with advanced technological automatic highly functional machines of the latest generation:


  • Steam pressing machinery, Cortese and Takatori, with automatic systems  to pack in flat packs, inserts.
  •  box machinery to automatically pack unpressed products.
  • packing machines for band rolls and riders.