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FAP is a leading hosiery company in Europe, specializing in the production of women’s tights, stockings, and seamless underwear for both private label and proprietary brand markets.


It is a full-cycle company, with all production processes including winding, sewing, dyeing, and packaging being carried out entirely in-house at its headquarters in Casaloldo (Mantova), in the heart of the hosiery district. This guarantees flexibility and confidentiality to the customer.

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FAP is a fully integrated company, whose production is completely internalized.

More than 1000 latest generation circular machines allow for an extremely diverse production both in the hosiery sector and in the seamless segment without seams.

60,000 square meters with a production capacity of 10,000,000 pairs of tights per month / 400,000 pieces of underwear per month.

220 employees (+10% annual growth)

Revenue increased by +10%, year on year.

The production capacity is focused on women’s and children’s socks and tights, as well as seamless underwear and outerwear.


The company offers a 360° research and development (R&D) service: starting from industry trends, technical designs are developed and high-quality yarns and materials are chosen to obtain a technically impeccable product.


Each item is verified in terms of size and quality, and can be customized at every production stage according to the customer’s needs.




Calzificio Fap Spa is responsible for its own actions and guarantees the safety of its workers and the product offered.


It is committed to meeting the specific requirements of each nation in terms of quality and sustainability for its customers.


All international certifications of FAP


For years, Calzificio Fap has been committed to a series of policies and procedures aimed at reducing the ecological impact of its activities and promoting the planet’s energy sustainability.

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Leading brand in Europe

Company and territory

The reality of FAP is part of the International Sock District, an area that has always been synonymous with know-how and efficient production.


From a logistical point of view, the company is located in the center of important communication routes, which facilitate access and near dynamic industrial areas such as Brescia and Verona.


Finally, it is located close to a very lively tourist context such as Lake Garda.


FAP was founded in 1958 and now covers an area of 60,000 square meters, employing over 200 people at its Casaloldo (MN) site. In 1988, it switched from a partnership to a public limited company (S.p.A.).


The hosiery company has always played a significant role in the international market, becoming a leader in Europe in private label production.


Over its 50-year history, FAP has developed partnerships with many Italian and international distributors, offering a Made in Italy product that has been applauded for its style and design as well as its technical-quality features.


Founder and administrator Franco Arisi, motivated by his children’s involvement in the company, has expanded production and invested in the commercial Bellissima brand since 2002.


Bellissima offers a complete range of products including socks, tights, seamless, corsetry, and beachwear.


Calzificio FAP S.p.A.
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